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Advansor TF Procedure Kit

Picture of the complete contents of the Advansor TF kit

Doctors love this product! The most advanced solution, and it is also quick and easy to use. Everything that's needed, in one sterile package.

Founded by orthopedic hand surgeons, Del Palma Orthopedics creates products specifically for hand surgeons that are designed to add simplicity to standard procedures.

Our products help patients get back to their lives sooner with less disruption, while giving surgeons greater flexibility and efficiency.

The Advansor TF™ procedure kit puts the power of time in the palm of your hand. It is the Industry’s first procedure kit for point-of-care trigger finger release.

These convenient, all-inclusive, fully disposable kits are configured based on the components* most frequently utilized by our customers.

They make releasing trigger finger simple, taking only minutes to perform and giving surgeons the freedom to choose the treatment location — the office or a surgical suite.

Included in each Advansor TF Kit:

  • 20Ga. needle
  • 25Ga. needle
  • 5 cc syringe
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Duraprep
  • Fenestrated drape
  • Disposable drape
  • Cloth towel
  • Scalpel with 15 blade
  • Retractor
  • Hemostat
  • Advansor TF device
  • 4x4 gauze sponges
  • Band-aid
  • Steri-strips
  • 3 inch kling
  • Advansor TF surgical Technique

From the U.S. Orthopaedic Product News, "A Surgical Revolution"

Authors: Dale Dellacqua, M.D. and Andrew K. Palmer, M.D.

The technology behind the Advansor TF


advance-monorail-technology2Advanced Monorail Technology (AMT™) is the proprietary platform for a series of anatomic instruments that enable the surgeon to release constricted or stenotic soft tissue through a “no stitch” approach.

AMT contains the following elements: a tip or finder, a monorail track, a blade assembly, a soft tissue dissector and a handle.

The tip directs the instrument into the proper location, gives the surgeon tactile feedback of anatomic landmarks, is palpable through the skin in most instances and provides the termination point for the blade.

The monorail track provides a captured rail for deployment of the blade, ensuring that it is guided along a direct path.

The blade assembly contains a customized blade on an actuator and a hood-like dissector. The height of the blade/hood is proportional to the thickness of the tissue being released.

The dissector moves surrounding tissue away from the blade during deployment to prevent damage to nerves, veins and arteries that are adjacent to the tissue intended for release.

The ergonomic handle allows the surgeon to grip it and insert the instrument into the skin and direct it into the proper location. The handle also contains the button and slot for blade deployment.

The anatomically matched instruments provide tactile feedback that eliminates the need for direct visualization of the entire tissue to be released.

The guided blade reduces the risk of damage to surrounding tissues and gives the surgeon confidence of the cutting path. This percutaneous approach enhances patient recovery time and gives the surgeon the flexibility to choose the surgical location, from outpatient settings to the office.

This immediate point-of-care procedure saves the surgeon and patient both time and money, while returning the patient to activities of daily living in a cost effective and timely manner.