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About Del Palma Orthopedics, LLC

DPO’s Vision:

To become a recognized leader for innovative product development in the minds of surgeons in the Global Extremity marketplace. Del Palma is driven to develop new and innovative technology including devices and techniques for the Global Upper and Lower Extremity market place with an intense focus on “same day surgical procedures”.

DPO’s Strategy:

We view ourselves as a “Surgeon2Market™” company in that we rely primarily on our founding surgeon members and members of our Surgeon Product Development Board to be the driving forces behind our ongoing product development initiatives.

We will improve clinical outcomes and enhance patient quality of life by being the premier provider of high quality, innovative orthopedic products and instrumentation that offer solutions to acute and chronic patient problems.

It is also our objective to reduce the overall health care costs associated with a particular medical condition.

DPO’s Mission:

  1. Develop products that provide superior clinical outcomes for patients
  2. Provide products that are technically advanced while being user -friendly
  3. Provide products that, through their use, minimize the total treatment cost of a condition

DPO’s Technology:

Advanced Monorail Technology™ is the proprietary platform for a series of anatomic instruments that enable the surgeon to release constricted or stenotic soft tissue through a percutaneous approach.

These immediate point-of-care procedures save the surgeon time and money, while returning the patient to activities of daily living in a cost effective and timely manner. We are dedicated to “Advancing Today’s Techniques with Tomorrow’s Technology™”.

Picture of the complete contents of the Advansor TF kit